Welcome to my fine print website.
I am Mark, a 35 year old guy from Germany.

I have been living in Germany for my hole life now, excluding a few breaks away to live and to visit various locations. Traveling around the world is a passion. Most of my favorite countries are the USA, Canada and Sweden.

A self-taught photographer that has always taken an interest in photography, I am always looking to improve and to sharpen my skills as a photographer and hopefully this is reflected within the images that I produce over time. I also never stop studying photography, lighting and Photoshop and I have been shooting 7 years now.

I started photographing abandoned buildings in 2010. Something just pulled me in, the appeal of the lost, the decay and the things us humans build and then leave behind was something I wanted to capture and record. „There can not be beauty without decay“…

Away from the camera, I enjoy the fresh air, spending time with friends over good food, feeling the warmth of the summer sun and the sense of adventure that travelling brings.

Thanks, Mark.

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